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Working Out With Eyelash Extensions

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 8:54:51 AM America/New_York

Working out is a huge part of many of our client’s lives. We often hear ‘How long until I can go to Zumba?’ or ‘Can I go swimming with my eyelash extensions?’ While you maintain an athletic lifestyle, it’s important to maintain your lashes while you’re sweating it out on your daily run. Sweat and water can damage your lashes, so we’re here to give you a few tips on keeping your lashes and body flawless.


48-Hour Rule

We recommend waiting 6-10 hours before washing your face (we use a quick-drying adhesive), but 48-hours before submerging their face in water (i.e. swimming) or doing strenuous exercises. If you must, consider taking a brisk walk or doing yoga – without the heat, to avoid sweat having an effect on your lashes

Protecting Your Lashes

Using JJ’s Lash Coating Essence, coat your lashes to prevent sweat and salt deposits from your lashes. The product also coats and seals your extensions, creating a barrier between the adhesive and sweat (and other debris). Apply about 15-30 minutes before your workout for best results (it also works to nourish damaged lashes and promotes growth).

After Your Workout

When you’ve completed your workout, be sure to cleanse your face with an oil-free cleanser. It’s important to cleanse the eye area because salt and residue can sit on your lashes, affecting the adhesive and longevity of your extensions. We recommend using cool or lukewarm water. When done, apply Lash Dr. or Lash Coating Essence to keep your natural lashes and extensions in tip-top shape!

Are you an active lash wearer who maintains an active, leisurely lifestyle? If so, what are your favorite tips to maintain your lashes?

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